Finding Your Style

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Finding Your Style

I never felt like I had anything to wear for years. I thought to myself, “This is it,” after every outing to the store. This item of clothing will demonstrate that I have mastered my style and completed my wardrobe. But the truth is that my wardrobe was all over the place, so no single shirt, shorts, or skirt could magically solve my issues. Yes, I enjoyed the variety, as do all of us. However, there was too much variety, from my lime green sweater to my flowy lace maxi skirt to my bejeweled denim shorts. It took me years and a lot of trial and error, mostly mistakes, to discover my style. But now that I’m on the other side, I can say with assurance: I love the clothes in my closet because they match. In this article, we are finding your style.

Give Yourself a Day to Look for Clothes Instead of Buying


Finding Your Style

Even though I enjoy dressing up, I occasionally dread going shopping, especially when I need to buy something specific. I felt frantic the whole time, running from store to store looking for a random pair of black shorts or a dress in beige. I began, despite the difficulty, making time to simply browse at the mall. Ample time to try on anything that caught my eye in this manner. It additionally gave personal chance to attempt things beyond my usual range of familiarity, similar to my new perfectly sized Skims dress that I could never regularly wear.

Another important aspect of finding your style? locating clothing that fits well. During the past two years, when the world of online shopping dominated our lives, it was sometimes hard to find the right size for certain items, and when you have to return an item (I’ve been there!), It can be very depressing. Therefore, dress up, drag your butt to the mall, and make a day of it.

Make a Pinterest Mood Board

Finding Your Style

What has been the most helpful tool in this journey? Pinterest. However, as I began using the app, I mulled myself: I will only pin looks that I truly adore. Additionally, the looks I pinned were initially dispersed. Yet, after investigating, I had the option to make a stride back and say, “Alright, I like this look since it’s all nonpartisan tones” or “Alright, perhaps I really could do without this look. I just like the way that Gigi Hadid is wearing the look.” I was able to see the big picture and compare and contrast the various looks because I had all of these outfit pictures in one place.

Take a Risk and Try Something

Finding Your Style

Attempting a recent fad of garments can truly threaten. It’s important to keep in mind that fashion and clothes are meant to be fun! You can experiment and play around with new things. And consider this: We experience physical, mental, and personality changes over time. Why, then, can’t your style change as well? You can’t tell unless you try.

You can start small with this. For instance, if you typically dress in neutral hues, you might want to try wearing printed pants in black and white. Alternatively, you could style a pair of tight biker shorts rather than an oversized and baggy lounge set if that’s your usual style.

Take It Slow and Look at What You Wear Every Day

Finding Your Style

I felt the urge to immediately fill multiple boxes and donate anything that didn’t fit my desired aesthetic when I finally started to nail it. But keep in mind: The race is won by slow and steadily. Make sporadic purchases of a few items over a few months. Invest in high-quality items that you can wear for a long time, regardless of current fashions. Also, you can’t donate your entire closet if you really do a complete 180 with your style and only have two pieces that fit. Otherwise, you’ll only have enough outfits for a day or two. It is essential to reevaluate the items you currently have on hand as your style evolves. Do you, for instance, no longer wear those hot pink pants because they are too small? Or is it because you no longer like hot pink? In either case, you’ve learned something useful.

Imitate The Looks of People You Admire in Fashion

Finding Your Style

I turned to my favorite fashionistas because I wanted to revamp my wardrobe: Carrie Bradshaw, Hailey Bieber, and a few other Instagram influencers Id sit down and look at their Instagrams, trying to imagine outfits. I could wear it with things I already had. This also allowed me to examine the reasons. I gravitated toward particular outfits just like the Pinterest tip above. I realized that I adored Carrie Bradshaw’s, Hailey Bieber’s, and the (surprise!) practicality of their outfits. the other voices’ neutral tones. After recognizing these patterns, I knew what I liked and how I wanted to dress regularly.

We also came up with many outfit ideas that I never would have thought of wearing. In the realm of design bloggers and powerhouses. There is no lack of content and motivation.

Written by Farah Shaha

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