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Best Makeup Tips for Travelling

Best Makeup Tips for Travelling

The best makeup tips for travel. When you travel, you want to look amazing for your holiday pictures, and having your best travel makeup in your makeup bag can make a difference. It’s not an easy task, as you will want a travel makeup kit that fits in your carry on helps with oily skin and dry patches on the plane, but it’s light enough to give you that natural glow when you’re on vacation. Not to mention that sometimes the destination can have some fussy weather, so you will want an all-rounder travel makeup that works rain and sunshine.

So hey, if you too are struggling to find the right mascara, the right foundation, and that awesome lipstick that actually makes your lips look great, worry not because I’ve got you covered. After years of research, and lots of trial and error, we put together the ultimate guide to makeup products that will make your trip amazing. 

Here are some most important travel makeup tips.


Best Makeup Tips for Travelling

The best travel makeup tips for travel you should know about. I must purchase a dedicated makeup bag for the products I love the most. This is for your best makeup and essential items you need at all times, and it’s part of your daily makeup routine. This bag will likely include your eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, your favorite eyeshadow palette, mascara, and makeup brushes, as well as more expensive items like limited edition travel makeup. Don’t forget to add a concealer, brushes, skincare you can’t live without, and any small travel-size items that fit in your carry-on. If you cannot purchase a checked-in suitcase, make sure you have travel-size toiletries for larger things like shampoo, shower gel, or your favorite moisturizer.

In your haul luggage, add your hairdryer, your perfume, straighteners, olive oil, or argan oil if you use it for your hair. Larger items like special moisturizers for your skincare routine and larger combs or brushes.

Skip Compact Powders

Best Makeup Tips for Travelling

As easy as compact powders are to use at home, they can become major pains in the butt when traveling.

Yes, pressed powders are ok by TSA standards, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought a compact blush or bronzer with me while traveling only to have it completely shatter in transit (admittedly, it’s only been a couple I learned pretty fast.)

As any long-time makeup wearer probably knows, compact powders are delicate, and it’s not a ton of fun trying to fuse them back together after an incident. If you travel with these kinds of products, then try to find a cream version that will stay intact no matter the conditions.

Use a Leak-Proof Makeup Bag

Whether you love liquid makeup or the powder variety, a leak-proof makeup bag is a must when traveling with makeup.

Due to pressure changes on airplanes, getting bumped, and just movement in general, spills happen to the best of us, and all we can do is be as prepared as possible.

One of the most important tips for packing makeup is a leak-proof makeup bag is a perfect safeguard between your makeup and the rest of your luggage. It only takes one incident before you learn this the hard way.

Consider Your Trip

Different people will have different travel makeup needs depending on the kind of trip, the activities, and the destination.

For example, your makeup needs on a hiking trip in Utah may be vastly different than if you’re going on an art-viewing experience in Italy.

Everyone is unique in their routines and what makes them feel comfortable, but considering what activities you’ll be doing the most will go a long way in deciding what travel makeup to pack.

Another factor is if you’ll travel with checked bags or carry-on only. Bringing large luggage will give you way more space, while carry-on only is hyper-efficient.

Use Multi-Purpose Products

To save weight and space in your bag, try and bring multi-purpose products whenever possible. For example, bring a lip tint that also acts as a blush (I love this lip/cheek tint from MILK makeup), or decides whether you prefer liquid foundation vs concealer.

Bringing multi-purpose travel makeup will give you more space in your bag, reduce weight, and give you a more efficient application time leaving more time for adventures.

Bring Your Own Mirror

For backpackers, don’t rely on the idea that every hostel or homestay room will have a mirror, especially if you’re going more off the grid.

If you want to be able to catch a glimpse of yourself from time to time, keeping even a small travel-sized mirror in your bag is a good idea.

Applying travel makeup without a mirror is only for the self-assured and misguided. I have done this a few times, and the photos never lie.

Bring a Setting Spray or Powder

Often, traveling means long exploration days to your destination. It means a lot of sun exposure, exercise, and sweat (unless you’re one of those mannequin influencers sans sweat glands, that is).

Bringing a quality makeup setting spray (that you know won’t clog your pores) will keep your makeup in place all day long.

This way, your foundation, and eyeshadow won’t slide off your face, and your eyeliner won’t smudge your hairline.

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