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5 Best Spots To Apply Perfume For Long Lasting Effect

If you’re wondering why your perfume only lasts about two hours before starting to fade, you probably applied it incorrectly. It all comes down to how and where you apply your perfume, and there is a science to it. We have a few hot spots here for you to apply perfume for a long-lasting effect. Continue reading for our best advice on how to apply perfume correctly if you’re curious.

1- Purchase the Right Strength Fragrance

best spots to apply perfume

In the first place, we should discuss aroma fixation and what it means for how long your fragrances last, and the power. Scent fixation alludes to the strength of an aroma and the level of scent piece in an aroma or its mix of normal and compound fixings. All fragrances are partitioned into a few sorts or classifications as per their fixation. They are cologne or Eau de Cologne, Euan de Toilette, Euan de Perfume, and aroma or Extract de Perfume

Fragrances with a low fragrance concentration typically have shorter-lasting power and a lighter scent. Either an eau de toilette or a beau de cologne will do if you’re looking for something light and airy.

Choose Extract de Perfume or Euan de Perfume if you’re looking for something more intense Remember that perfumes with a higher concentration of fragrance will last much longer, but they will probably cost more. These scents have a higher perfume concentration because they contain more fragrance oils and less alcohol.

2- Keep your Perfume Somewhere Cool and Dark

Conditions like humidity or temperature. Heat, humidity, and light will all hurt the quality and intensity of your perfumes. Therefore, do not store your fragrances in the bathroom or other damp and humid locations. Your fragrances should be stored somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight, like on a vanity table, a shelf in your closet, or a drawer.

3- Apply to the Points on your Pulse

In the best spots to apply perfumes the very first answer to your question about how to apply perfume is to apply it directly to your pulse points. Beat focuses are where your supply routes are nearest to the outer layer of your skin and right where you can feel your pulse. Your fragrance will smell brighter and more intense if you apply it directly to your “warm points,” also known as your pulse points.

The following are some of the ideal pulse points for applying perfume: on your wrists, behind your ears, between your clavicles, on your neck, behind your knees, and on the fold of your elbows. You can also spritz the fragrance on your belly button, ankles, and calves.

4- Use Scented Lotion and other Products that the Same

best spots to apply perfume

Body washes or lotions sometimes come with your favorite fragrance. A fantastic method for amplifying and achieving a scent that lasts for a long time is to use matching scented lotion and other products. You should stick to a single scent or one that is similar to it. You should avoid mixing your fragrance with other scents, especially those that are very strong.

5- Spray on the Naked Skin

How should perfume be applied? Spraying it on bare skin, not clothing, is not recommended. When fragrances are combined with natural oils, it has the best scent and lasts the longest. When sprayed directly onto the clothing, especially on delicate fabrics like silk, some fragrances can also leave stains. Additionally, avoid spraying perfume on jewelry because doing so could cause damage.

Perfume indeed stays on our clothes for a long time but clothes are not the best spots to apply perfume. If you want to spray your perfume directly on your clothes, You might end up hurting them. You could also try spraying your perfume on your scarf as a last resort. This will give off an additional scent that surrounds you.

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