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How to Dress for a Wedding

Dress for a Wedding

Many couples are opting for a more laid-back wedding day rather than a strictly formal affair with a sit-down meal, speeches, and other wedding traditions. It’s likewise not generally a given that the lady of the hour will wear a white dress, as post-lockdown weddings have seen a shift towards more limited dresses and present-day fitting. We recommend consulting a trusted friend if you are unsure whether you can wear black to a wedding or whether wearing white is acceptable. But let’s face it: if you have to ask, it probably isn’t the right outfit, and you need to rethink your decision.

It’s never easy to figure out what to wear to a wedding as a guest, but there are a few things to keep in mind, like the location and the time of year. You should be able to figure out from these what is and is not appropriate to wear. Fashion director at Good to, beach weddings can be more casual than those held in posh hotels.

What to wear as a guest at a wedding?

Dress for a Wedding

If the invitation specifies a dress code, the dilemma of what to wear at a wedding will be much simpler to resolve. The only drawback to this is that not all dress codes are the same. So, if you’re not sure, ask the bride or other wedding guests for advice.

Black Tie

Dress for a Wedding

These days, a black tie can be anything from a simple black suit to a ball gown. Most of the time, general etiquette is specific to the situation.

White Tie

Dress for a Wedding

Opt for a long, formal gown for the evening. You ought to likewise think about wearing hair tied back or in a chignon.


Dress for a Wedding

This category includes cocktail dresses that are at least knee-length. Most of the time, heels are also worn.

Smart Casual

Typically, a blazer-style jacket, a shirt or blouse, long pants or smart pants, and flat shoes. Certainly no tights, pants, or mentors.”

Keep in mind that the happy couple will have put a dress code in place for a reason. This could be because it complements their chosen aesthetic or looks or because it is appropriate for the wedding venue. Any deviation from the dress code has the potential to, at best, embarrass the other guests and elicit murmurs, and at worst, offend them.

It is not only disrespectful to disregard the request if your invitation specifically asks you to dress in a certain manner.

Casual Summer Dress When Everyone else is Wearing Ball Gowns.

Dress for The Season

Dress for a Wedding

Neither feeling cold in the winter nor sticky in the summer is a pleasant experience. Dressing for the season is key. Wearing a skimpy gown to a winter wedding is going to leave you cold and unable to enjoy the day because weddings inevitably involve a lot of waiting around. Buy a blazer that fits you well because it’s the perfect layering piece that will keep you warm in cold weather without overpowering your outfit.

We suggest a dress with short sleeves made of a floaty or lightweight fabric for summer weddings. It will feel constricting if it is too form-fitting. Although cotton, linen, and silk blends are among the fabrics with the highest levels of breathability, they do have a frustrating tendency to crease.

Don’t Wear An Black

Dress for a Wedding

Black, a color that has historically been associated with mourning, is widely considered an inappropriate choice for a wedding dress. Having said that, more recent dress codes frequently permit black attire or actively encourage guests to do so. Wearing black is more acceptable these days.” In any case, if doing as such, my recommendation is to present a sprinkle of variety.” This could be done with a dress with a pattern, bright accessories, or even a black top and a bright skirt or pants.

Do Respect Your Surroundings

The majority of religious institutions have specific guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable to wear. Shoulders are covered because bare arms are still considered inappropriate in church. When attending Catholic services, women are required to cover their shoulders and arms with a shawl. In a synagogue as well as an Arabic wedding, cover your head and hair. Take the time to inquire about any customs or expectations with the person getting married if they are from a culture or religion you are unfamiliar with. On the big day, this will help ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Don’t Wear Denim

Dress for a Wedding

When we asked a manners expert whether pants could be worn to a wedding, we received a resonant response. He said, “Absolutely not. Because weddings are special occasions. It’s polite to dress in something other than your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Denim in any form is never acceptable, but the worst kind is light-colored, ripped, or distressed jeans. The only real exception smart denim jacket worn over the shoulders at a casual wedding.

Instead, we suggest switching out your jeans for a pair of tailored pants in a bright color. Choose rich jewel-toned colors like green, pink, and blue for winter or high-summer weddings. Spring in the middle between season festivities calls for pretty pastels.