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My Favourite Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

I love trying new vegan beauty products and finding great ones. Find a product that works, whether it is from a smaller brand or a drugstore. Some of my favorite vegan & non-toxic skincare products are listed below. As I discover new HG (Holy Grail) products, I’ll keep updating them.

Facial Sunscreen

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

I’ve tried a lot of facial sunscreens and read many reviews, but I finally have a favorite. Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion meets my requirements: It has a high SPF, isn’t oily, and works well under makeup. It’s a mineral sunscreen instead of a synthetic one, which I think is better for my skin with pigmentation. It manages to keep my makeup fresh throughout the day, which is best in this heat in Australia.

Vitamin C Serum

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Every day, I apply Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid Serum under my sunscreen to help fade pigmentation that is already present and prevent the growth of new pigmentation. I have only used the best vitamin C serum. It doesn’t cause me to break out, isn’t greasy, absorbs quickly, or feels heavy. It also receives high praise from experts and beauty editors (like Wayne Goss). Victoria Health collaborated with Garden of Wisdom to develop this serum, which ships internationally.

Oil Cleanser

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

To completely remove makeup and sunscreen from my skin on most days, I use Fourth Ray Beauty BFD Oil Cleanser first, then the gel cleanser below. Fourth Beam is Colourpop’s sister lines

Face Scrubber

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

For a long time, I was a fan of physical exfoliation. when I quit utilizing it I never felt like my face was truly spotless. However, this tiny scrubber cleans and gently micro masses my face. It is made of silicone. It does not harbor bacteria. Some electric models are more expensive. I think these are great for the money. You ought to have the option to see these at most pharmacies or dollar stores for a couple of bucks.  I clean my makeup brushes with a second one as well.

What are Non-Toxic Skincare Products?

Non-toxic skincare frequently employs skin-friendly alternatives to ingredients that are known to irritate the skin and make it more sensitive. Examples of toxic ingredients include hydroquinone, a skin brightener that has been linked to serious health effects, parabens, and phthalate preservatives. Because the label “non-toxic” is not strictly enforced, many skincare brands can claim to be non-toxic while still incorporating potentially harmful ingredients, despite the EWG’s efforts to provide accurate information.


One of my favorite clean beauty brands is Cocokind. They are a sustainable, clean beauty brand that only uses suppliers of environmentally friendly ingredients and uses organic ingredients whenever possible in the formulations. They have some lovely face masks as well as excellent skincare basics. Even in the winter, when my skin tends to be drier, cooking has always been great for it.

Corvus Botanicals

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Corvus Botanicals is a brand that sells a wide range of everyday products that founder Stacia personally makes in small batches. One of my favorite low-cost, non-toxic skincare brands is this one.

They also sell non-toxic lip tints, soap bundles, lotion sticks, candles, and shampoo bars in addition to skincare products. They are also good for the environment because all of their products come in containers that can be composted.

The Ordinary

Vegan & Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Non-toxic skincare, makeup, and hair products are available from The Ordinary, a well-known brand. They are a collection of umbrella brands whose primary brands, Hylamide and NIOD, have pioneering innovations. Parabens, sulfates, animal oils, formaldehyde, and mercury are eliminated from all items packed in stylish and clean packaging. On The Ordinary’s website, you can also create your skincare routine.

True Botanicals

True Botanicals sells skincare products based on research from Cornell and Carnegie Mellon. It makes use of natural, biocompatible, clean, and eco-friendly ingredients. Glass bottles are also available for all of its products. Although is one of the more expensive brands on this list, its products are extremely effective and only require a small amount to have an effect, which is especially important if your primary concern is aging skin.

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