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Free and Fun Ways to Improve Your Fitness

fun ways for fitness

You moved your body while playing when you were a kid; You didn’t think about going to the gym. An active childhood included swinging from the monkey bars, running around the park, and playing soccer with friends. If you can’t stand the thought of working up a sweat as an adult. It might be time to think of fun ways for fitness to get active again like a kid.

Adults should exercise for 150-300 minutes each week at a moderate intensity. Beginning with only 30 minutes daily will put you directly in the center of that reach. However, no one wants to put in half an hour of their day doing something they detest. You’ll get the most out of your favorite physical activities and keep coming back for more.

The activities listed below will keep your heart pumping while also adding a little fun to your schedule.

Dance Party

fun ways for fitness

When was the last time you danced to your favorite music? If your neighbors are particularly watchful, close the curtains, pump some beats, and get moving. It will only take you about eight songs to complete your 30 minutes, so select your favorite bangers to get your heart pumping.

Running Games

fun ways for fitness

Walking or jogging is an easy and accessible form of exercise, but it can quickly become repetitive.

There are loads of applications you can download that will change your walk or run into an undertaking. Run, zombies! puts you during a zombie apocalypse, where zombies are chasing you as you run to gather supplies for your community that are necessary. Ingress and Pokémon GO are examples of geocaching games that require you to interact with real-world virtual objects.

Catch a Kick

fun ways for fitness

Anyone who has children knows that having fun sometimes takes precedence over taking care of one’s health. Take them to the park to kick a footy or throw a ball back and forth to kill two birds with one stone. After everyone has worked on their kicking, throwing, and catching skills, push the game to the next level by demanding that they throw or kick long and make you run for it.

Take a Stairs

fun ways for fitness

Taking the stairs rather than an escalator or lift is a good oldie but a goodie for working the major muscle groups in the legs and glutes. Even though taking the stairs whenever you can not seem like the most exciting way to work out, you can fit in a surprising amount of activity every day. You can even become a competitive stair climber if you become addicted.

Rock Climbing

As you climb a rock wall, test your strength and feel the adrenaline rush of defying gravity. Find an indoor exercise center or a teacher that will give you a general tour of one of Queensland’s outside climbs.


fun ways for fitness

You probably won’t consider it active work, however, shopping can add a lot of moves toward your day. Take the long way between shops the next time you need to buy a few things and maybe do some window shopping along the way. If you park your car further from the entrance or walk to the shops, you get more points.

Fair Game Fun

There is nothing like a silly race to get people to compete—egg and spoon races, two-legged races, and sack races, all of which are great examples. It might be time to hold your backyard fair if it has been a while since you tied someone else’s leg to yours or balanced an egg while running.

Bike Riding

fun ways for fitness

Kids know that riding bikes is some of the best outdoor active fun. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled to receive brand-new wheels for their birthday?

Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid. It’s pretty much the same as riding a bike! Start slowly on a flat bike path, and as you gain confidence. You can move on to hills that raise your heart rate or even off-road trails.


A trampoline can be a great way to unwind, have fun, and engage in moderately strenuous activity at the same time. You can have fun on Olympic-sized trampolines, long tumbling runs, and even trampolines that run up the wall at a trampoline center if you don’t have one in your yard.

Game Night

fun ways for fitness

You don’t have to spend the entire night playing board games at games night. Play active video or virtual reality games like Twister, charades, or salad bowl for fun.

kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking can be really fun ways to get some exercise. If you are comfortable around water and know how to stay safe in the water. Paddling with a friend or a group of people can be fun and safer. While some people find yoga on paddle boards to be enjoyable, many of us find standing on them to be difficult enough! At some locations along the water, you can rent kayaks and paddleboards.

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