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Five ways to keep yourself warm on the coldest days

Living and working in subzero temperatures can be extremely taxing during the winter. However, there are Five ways to keep yourself warm on the coldest days

1- Keep Draughts out and heat in

Try to prevent draughts from entering your home from keyholes, under doors, and around window frames. Keep your shades open during the day to give light and warmth access, and draw them before it gets dull to try not to lose heat.

2- Use Heat In a Creative Way

Choose carefully how you heat your home if you are concerned about the cost of electricity. One reader wrote: The majority of my time is spent heating one room. If you can, try to keep the room you spend the most time in, like your living room or bedroom, at least 18 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind to turn off radiators in rooms or hallways that aren’t being used and close doors to keep heat in certain areas.

Just intensify the region of the house as you want them. You could, for instance, decide to turn on the heating in your bedroom just before going to bed. You can also keep warm at night by using an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.

3- Layer Up

To stay warm in the winter, it is smart to wear a lot of layers rather than just one thick piece of clothing. Base layers like thermal vests and long-sleeve tops are not too expensive and can be effective at retaining heat. Avoid wearing clothing made of wool, cotton, or fleecy fabric.

One peruser, Irene Horsburgh, said: Even in the interior, dress in layers. Wear socks with a comfortable pair of warm slippers. Another reader added, “Make sure you change your duvet and blankets to winter ones and that your pajamas are warm.

4- Prepare Beverages and food That Are Comforting

During the winter, maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet with at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day can help your immune system function properly. To stay warm, drink plenty of hot liquids and eat porridge, soups, and stews frequently.

Keep in mind that frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, provided they do not contain any added salt or sugar, are just as nutritious as fresh versions and may be less expensive if they are not in season during the winter. Compared to baking a meal in the oven, using a slow cooker, microwave, or air fryer can help you save money on your energy bills.

5- Get Moving

Keep moving as much as you can to improve circulation. Avoid sitting still for extended periods and move around at least once an hour. Even a light workout can help you stay warm. When you do sit down, put your feet up because the ground is the coldest place.

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