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Top 10 Solar Installation Companies in California

How do you feel about having solar panels put in? They can make you feel better about the future and help you save money on energy costs. Do-it-yourself solar panel installation is not particularly simple. On the other hand, we suggest looking through our list of the top 10 Solar  Installation Companies in California.

1- Clean Point Energy

10 solar installation companies in California

Only licensed, insured, and high-quality electrical and general contractors are employed by Clean Point Energy. By assembling a team of professionals with extensive experience to carry out each energy upgrade project. we pledge to deliver a high-quality service to our clients. We are a certified woman-owned business with a solid commitment to our state and local communities. We are proud sponsors of the non-profit New Life Movement, which is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in our community. Additionally, we are members of the Point Richmond Business Association, the Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce, and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

We are proud to be a small business majority-owned by women. Our co-owner, Amanda Zeier, is an expert behind the scenes who have helped get the solar energy business done. In addition, she manages Billy Zeier, our other owner.) You can be sure that you will get to know Amanda well if you talk to us, place an order, go through the permitting and design process, or participate in an installation with us.

2- Green Link Solar

10 solar installation companies in California

Greenlink Solar offers affordable renewable energy solutions to residential homeowners, business owners, new home builders and developers, and community groups and organizations. We specialize in supplying and installing grid-connected solar power systems using high-performance components, offering exceptional features, including stability, capacity, and power-generating endurance.

Greenlink Solar makes installing solar electricity simple, from design to installation. All of the components you need to make your home or business “green” are included in our systems, which are modular, adaptable, and simple to install, silently transforming the sun’s energy into clean energy.

Long-term performance guarantees back up all of our products’ compliance with relevant Australian standards. Additionally, each of our system installers holds a valid license and is accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

3- IQGTECH Green Technology Company

10 solar installation companies in California

In our list of top 10 Solar  Installation Companies in California, IQGTECH is at number three. Providing clients with high-quality visual analytics is our objective. We are proud to deliver professional results, regardless of discipline or energy type. We guarantee that our work will satisfy you.

IQGTECH is a licensed solar contractor that works on projects for homes, businesses, and factories. Since its inception, more than 20,00 customers have trusted IQGTECH’s legacy. Making it the most recommended solar company by roofers, and builders, in California. A steadfast commitment to high-quality products, exceptional service, and dependable support led to these distinctions.

With our limited lifetime guarantee and decades of experience, IQGTECH will offer you a new, hassle-free solar installation and help you save money.

4-  Soleevaenergy

10 solar installation companies in California

Unlike many other solar companies, Sleeve is at number 4 in California’s Top 10 Solar Installation Companies. Our work does not end after your solar system is installed. We are aware that going solar requires a financial investment. You should be able to trust that your solar system is always producing the most energy possible. As a result, we keep an eye on each system round-the-clock, 365 days a year, to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Solar monitoring and analytics give us real-time information on the amount of electricity produced by your solar panels. Additionally, we ensure that your system is always operational. We will always be there to resolve any issue.

5- Forme Solar Electric

Solar panels are a popular choice for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their property’s value. The obstacle has been the lack of experience. The majority of people who go solar typically do not have good installation skills. Focusing on Home Solar Panel Repair ensures that going solar for your home or business is a great experience. Our initial focus was on correcting the mistakes of other nearby solar companies. We have provided a good experience to our customers and reduced costs by knowing what issues to avoid so that we don’t have to return to fix our job. This includes hotspots, systems that aren’t working, not getting a permit, and big losses in production.

6- Highlight Solar

We provide professional solar panel installation.  A free initial solar electric system design, a free site inspection, and a free financial analysis. Reducing the energy wasted at the meter and lowering your overall carbon footprint. we maximize the efficiency of your current electrical energy consumption. We are focused on you from a single point of contact with professionalism and friendliness.

Highlight Solar wants to ensure you maximize your investment return as quickly as possible.

7- SunMade Energy

top 10 solar installation companies in California

SunMade Energy is at number seven in our top 10 Solar  Installation Companies in California. Oz Wardak, the founder of SunMade Energy began his venture into the solar industry 13 years ago. From the beginning, he knew that SunPower technology had a special quality that set it apart from the competition. He worked with the SunPower team to help Sheriff Dennis F., his first customer, use a SunPower system to declare independence from his utility company.  SunPower panels have unrivaled dependability, as demonstrated by Dennis’s zero issues to date and that system’s continued production at over 97% efficiency. Oz finished his High-level SunPower Preparing in 2010 and has since engaged many families in dispensing service bills and decreasing their carbon impression.

8- Solar Union

top 10 solar installation companies in California


SolarUnion is a full-service developer of solar electricity based in Silicon Valley. We proudly market, finance, and manage solar systems for customers all over California to provide clean electricity. Our clients save money immediately, saving tens of thousands of dollars throughout their system’s lifespan.

SolarUnion is a full-service solar company that will not only design your new system but will also manage the entire process from beginning to end. We are aware that going solar can be difficult and overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to help you every step of the way, treat you like family, and make solar affordable.

9- SolarMax Company

To make solar energy more affordable and accessible to homes and businesses in California, SolarMax Technology has established itself as a market leader by pioneering several new ideas. Our 165,000-square-foot Riverside, California facility is where we design and construct our top-rated solar panels. This is the same base of operations we have planned and carried out over 12,000 custom installations.


Our clients choose to power their homes or businesses with solar energy for various reasons. Many people want to put money away for the future. Some people want to reduce or even get rid of their reliance on fossil fuels. West Coast Solar can help you design, plan, and set up your home’s solar power system, no matter why you want to use green energy. We want to simplify solar so that you can benefit financially, environmentally, and family-wise.

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